PDQ Logistics is located in LaSalle, IL and specializes on expedited, same day delivery service throughout the midwest.  

Expedited Delivery In Northern IL
Expedited Delivery in LaSalle
Our Mission

"Our mission, each and every day, is to provide top quality logistics and emergency courier and delivery services quickly and economically, enabling us to deliver consistent value and reliability to all of our customers, large and small. 


We do this by supporting our employees and enabling  customers, community, and environment to become more efficient all while maintaining our integrity and personality.”

LaSalle Freight
PDQ in LaSalle, IL
Company Profile

PDQ Logistics is located in LaSalle, Illinois.  PDQ is locally owned and locally staffed.  


Our fleet consists of one light delivery vehicle, four delivery/box vans, and two heavy straight trucks.


We are located near the intersection of interstate 80 and interstate 39 in Illinois.  PDQ specializes in same day courier and delivery services within Illinois and interstate to Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and many other states. 


When it comes to serving and satisfying our customers there is no limit to our range.